The Eyes of a Child

Through the eyes of a child the morning is new
Each day colored, a wondrous hue

Days are long and nights are too
Through the eyes of a child

The child takes a grown-up by the hand
The grown-up's world he can't understand
The grown-up's view is dimmed you see
By things that should or should not be

Undaunted by facts, the child persists
Giving the grown-up a well meant kiss
The grown-up's eyes spark once again
Off to the play ground, hand in hand



Inspired by Amanda

copyright 2007

Ray Turner

Give Your Kid A Hug


Give your kid a hug

Each and every day

Give your kid a hug

Reep that for which you pray


Give your kid a hug

Through rain and thick and thin

Give your kid a hug

Though "bad" they may have been


Give your kid a hug

If ever you're in doubt

Give your Kid a hug

It's what it's all about


You cannot spoil with love

Heed not what others say

Give your kid a hug

Reep that for which you pray



copyright 2014

Ray Turner


When children grow up they leave behind
Indelible impressions upon the mind
Impressions large, impressions small
Impressions we cherish most of all

They start so small and learn so fast
They bring the smiles that last and last
And through it all a line is strung
A line of Affinity where impressions are hung

Sometimes they grow through trying times
Times hectic, times unkind
Things are said and things are done
The parent works from sun to sun

The parent wakes at last to see
Children grown. How could this be?
But through it all--hope, regret
It's the happy impressions which are kept

For through it all, the joy and pain
The line of affinity remains unchanged
Children grow up it is true
The love they bring--all for you

Copyright Ray Turner 2009




Johnny loved to ride his bike

He loved to fly his plane

He loved to make the puddle splash

While walking in the rain


He loved to watch the leaves blow by

When autumn days blew in

He loved to run and fly his kite

He loved to take a swim


He loved to watch the stars at night

While lying in the field

He loved to watch the snow flakes fly

When autumn days did yield


He loved his mom he loved his dad

And everyone he met

He loved his fish, his dog, his cat

O yes he loved his pets


He loved the smell of fresh cut grass

Of dinner on the stove

He loved to watch the trees go by

While driving country roads


He loved the smell of fresh salt air

And waves of thundering crash

He loved his favorite TV show

It always made him laugh


And as I write this poem I get

A thought I think you see

I somehow think I know this lad

O yes, he’s you and me



Copyright 2008 Ray Turner