"I loved The Amazing Feat Of Neddy McPeet.  As a schoolteacher I am always looking for books to read and this book is destined to be a classroom favorite.  A Halloween Tale will make an awesome class play, and I am sure the part of Neddy will be hotly contested!  This book's classic style and feel good message will inspire your children to do some creative writing of their own. " Mrs. Ross

In The Land of Rhyme
Copyright Ray Turner 2013
ISBN: 9781301859962

Welcome my friends
To the Land of Rhyme
Where it's less about Rhyme
And more about time
More specifically about how time is told
And the way its been since days of old

"Simply adorable! Easy to read for small children or adults to read to their children. Cute pictures and a simple story that will make anyone young or old smile at the end!"

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If Today Was Tomorrow
ISBN: 9781310859687

If today was tomorrow what would it look like? One little boy gives his insightful opinion. Get this charming children's book with illustrations by Sue Donze and find out!  Price FREE! 
Copyright Ray Turner 2014
"Great story and even better illustrations!"  K. C. Boone

Tommy McCoy And The Christmas Toy

Tommy McCoy, Tommy McCoy

Who is this boy named Tommy McCoy?

He got a new toy each Christmas, it’s true.

But what makes him different from me and from you?


Not different at all I think you will say.

But the toy he got one fine Christmas day.

A toy unique, A toy so pure.

After the story you’ll consider it yours.


Read it and share it with all of your kin.

Then each new Christmas, read it again.

For this story’s been known to warm a cold heart.

And if yours is frozen?

It’s a very good start.



                                                              Copyright Ray Turner 2014