A nonsensical poem from Land of Rhyme


If I were Awake



If I were awake, I would fall asleep

If I were asleep, I would dream.

And if I dreamt I’d dream of a place

Of likes not heretofore seen. 


I’d dream of a ship out on a sea

A sea that had never been.

And in that sea would be a fish

Unknown to the kin of men.


I’d say to the fish I saw in the sea

From my ship that did not exist.

“O please, please fish prepare me a dish

Whatever that may suit your whim”


“Why my good man”, the fish would reply,

“With what recompense can you tempt me?”

“Well I have this new tie and a fly buzzing by

And this shoe which is more than half empty.”


“My-my, my good man that will do grand

Just lay them all here on my fin.

For you are in luck, I’ll cook something up

Now tell me bout where you have been.”


“Well, I was awake but now I’m asleep

And you are but part of my dream.

I come from a place far, far cross a lake

Where everyone looks quite like me.”


“O dear, what a tale that you tell me now

Of a place that cannot exist.

But enough of that now it’s time for some chow

Do you like your porridge like this?”


“Porridge indeed it looks like dry cheese

Is this what you eat in the sea?”

“But of course my good man, just taste it it’s grand”

So I did and it was good indeed.


Then I awoke and quite nearly choked

The fish? He was nowhere around

While still dazed from my slumber, the sea went asunder.

Alas, it may never be found.



Copyright Ray Turner 2013


“What’s that I heard?”       

Said the frog to the bird

“I heard but don’t think I see”


Said the bird to the frog

As he sat on a log

“Just never say ‘never’ to me”


Said the frog to the bird

“Yes that’s what I heard

You’re a clever one that much I see”


“But never say ‘never’?

While sounding real clever

I’m afraid is all lost on me”


And the bird sighed--Well…


“I read a sad story

A very sad story

Bout a place maybe over the sea”


“About a home on a range

Which could cause one pain

Don’t try it, just take it from me”


“But this word ‘never’

Caused such a displeasure

Now listen real closely to me”


“Never’ is heard,

A discouraging word

So never say ‘never’ to me”


“You can say what you want

Say you do, say you don’t

Makes not much difference to me”


“But, ‘never’ is heard

A discouraging word

So never say ‘never’ to me!”


Said the frog to the bird

“Now I know what I heard

And think yes! Now I see”


“To say the word ‘never’

Would ruffle your feather

And of course that just could not be!”


The bird flew away

With nothing to say

And the frog jumped into the sea.



Copyright Ray Turner 2013



Never Say Never

Maybe not so Silly

A Christmas Thought


When people think of Christmas they think of many things

Perhaps about the birth of Christ and of the manger scene


Yes, Christmas brings forth many thoughts; none differ as day to night

And all thoughts share one common thing which no one can deny


Through all these thoughts you’ll find a thread from beginning to the end

The common thread, though seldom said, is common to all men


Yes, even to the atheist though he does not perceive

But blindness cannot change the fact through him the thread does weave


And he who lives but to destroy does the thread touch him the same?

Of course it does, of course it does; his madness, none but shame


And this thread, this common thread, does it have a name?

O yes, it's been called many things; yet all translate the same


Be it sole or spirit or elản vital, whichever suits your need

It's there in sun or cold of night and Christmas it does need


To remind it that it has a trust and it is not finite

Yes, Christmas is to celebrate all things it knows are right


Christmas is here to lift the heart; let all religions cheer

Yes, it’s been with us from the start; in heart it’s always near!


Merry Christmas


Happy New Year 


 Copyright © 2006 Ray M. Turner