Why Land of Rhyme?

 I am the one on the right, the other is one of my lovely daughters who has had to put up with her dad's crazy stories.  But really the only ones that got the thumbs down were the ones that went like this, "Once upon a time there was a princesses and she lived happily ever after.  The End."  Never really got away with that one.  

The goal of Land of Rhyme is to write and publish children's stories that entertain kids, and maybe parents too. Objective--Entertainment! Yes of course you will find an educational outcropping or two but my goal is to entertain with fun stories. I write about real things from "Why can't my kid ever find his/her shoes!" to completely imaginary things such as "In The Land of Rhyme" staring Inspector Prime.  Of course even the real subjects have a big dose of imagination sprinkled in.

My site is intended to be a place where parents can take their kids on the web, be entertained and hopefully purchase a story or two.

You will find that I also will include a poem or two about kids on my site.  When you spend twenty plus years raising kids they sort of get in your blood--and your writing!